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Sellotape Zero Plastic Clear Tape Large Single Roll  24mm x 30m
Sellotape Sticky Fixers Outdoor 20x20mm (Pack of 48) 783895
Sellotape Double Sided Tape 12mmx33m (Pack of 12) 1447057
Sellotape Sticky Hook Spots Removable (Pack of 125) 2055787
Sellotape Clever Tape and Dispenser 18mmx25m (Pack of 7) 1766004
Sellotape Sticky Hook and Loop Pads Removable (Pack of 24) 2055468
Sellotape Brown Parcel Tape 48mmx50m (Pack of 8) 1760686
Sellotape Original Golden Tape 48mmx66m (Pack of 6) 1443304
Sellotape Double Sided Tape and Dispenser 15mm x 5m 1766008
Sellotape Original Golden Tape 18mmx25m (Pack of 8) 1569069
Sellotape Sticky Hook and Loop Strip 450mm 1445183
Sellotape Sticky Fixers Strip 25mmx3m 484330
Sellotape Double Sided Tape 50mmx33m (Pack of 3) 1447054
Sellotape Vinyl Case Sealing Tape 50mmx66m Clear (Pack of 6) 1445488
Sellotape Zero Plastic 24mm x 30m 3 For 2
Sellotape Sticky Hook and Loop Strip Removable 6m 2055786
Sellotape On-Hand Refill Invisible Tape 18mm x 15m (Pack of 2) 2379006
Sellotape Sticky Fixers Permanent 12x25mm (Pack of 140) 1445422
Sellotape Super Clear Tape 18mmx10m (Pack of 50) 1443330
Sellotape Original Golden Tape 18mmx66m (Pack of 16) 1443252
Sellotape Sticky Loop Spots 22m (Pack of 125) 1445181
Sellotape Sticky Fixers Removable Pads 20x40mm (Pack of 10) 1445286
Sellotape Poly Packaging Tape 50mmx66m Brown (Pack of 6) 1445172
Sellotape Sticky Loop Strip 12m 1445182
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