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A Product for Life, is a range of office stationery that provides an antidote to the throw away culture endemic in the office supplies industry. We all end up paying the costs of this culture in disposal, pollution, waste and rapidly dwindling resources.  As the industry has become more and more competitive and customers more price conscious, office products are lasting for shorter life spans. When was the last time you bought a marker and checked how much ink it contained or noticed that your files are now made from thinner materials?  Many offices buy items on price when buying better quality durable and re-usable products can reduce their purchasing costs. We include items in the Product for Life range when the items have a life time guarantee, are made to a very high specification or use very high quality materials. We also look for products that have parts that can be replaced or repaired to extend their life span.


Products for Life are manufactured in environmental conditions where pollution, energy, water and material usage are all minimised. In addition we investigate the working environment of the people making these products to ensure they have clean safe conditions, work reasonable hours and paid accepted wage levels. We require products to be certified to meet all local working and environmental standards or we visit the production facilities ourselves to assess the conditions. Often Products for life are made in the EU by small family businesses or artisans, rather than being produced around the world at the least cost centre by multinational stationery manufacturers.

We are an approved supplier and accredited by these organisations:

Trading Standards buy with confidence scheme, Rainforest Concern, The Ethical Company organisation, Ethical Consumer Best Buy, Considerate Hoteliers, The Natural Wedding Co and The Good Business Charter. For more information click on the logos below.

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