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Phone Co-op values


The Phone Co-op is a fast growing consumer co-operative with over 30,000 customers, of whom 10,500 have chosen to become members. They have grown because they give their customers what they want: a low cost service, backed up by ethical, green values – your values. 

As well as using recycled stationery and power from renewables throughout the business, they invest in solar and wind energy and in 2014, 90% of the mileage covered on business trips was by less environmentally damaging forms of transport such as train and bus.

They also pay a proportion of their profits each year into a co-op development loan fund to help co-operatives and social enterprises to get up and running(£317,000 so far).

Benefits to Green Stationery Company & to you

Green Stationery Company receives 6% of the VAT exclusive amount you spend on calls, broadband and mobile calls. You benefit by using an ethical, co-operative for your telecoms, accountable to you and people like you, with your concerns always considered. 

Services: Landline calls, broadband services, line rental & mobiles 

Residential customers

There are packages to suit every type of residential telephone user. Please click on the link below to refer to The Phone Co-op website. You can use The Phone Co-op for your phone calls, broadband and line rental, in single combinations or in packages.

Business customers

Business customers are advised to contact The Phone Co-op team direct to discuss their requirements. They can analyse your bill from your present supplier of phone &/or broadband services to check how much those services would cost with The Phone Co-op. 


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